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LCS Foundation Remains Strong During The Pandemic

Individuals and families experience hope during a challenging year

In 2020, the world faced many challenges as a result of COVID-19. The impact was felt across the U.S. and throughout the senior living industry. The pandemic dominated the news for the past year, and now people are talking about how things have changed.

Preparing, adapting, and adjusting played a part in the changes facing senior living communities managed by Life Care Services. In-person meetings immediately became virtual engagements. It quickly became apparent that adequate Wi-Fi was critical. People needed the right equipment to connect with others; smartphones, cameras, selfie sticks, and the right application for video chat. Service delivery in restaurants changed. Leisure activities such as exercise classes, book clubs, and live concerts all became remote.

The LCS Foundation remained strong even as everything around us changed. Individuals and families across the nation experienced hope as the foundation continued to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Fundraisers looked different than in the past. Employees of communities managed by Life Care Services assumed leadership roles for fundraising events and raised $510,455 for the Alzheimer’s Association and Alzheimer’s-related charities.

Students at high schools and colleges were contending with online classes and questions about their futures. The LCS Foundation made a difference by offering scholarships and professional development opportunities. Outreach activities with high school students created opportunities to explore careers in the field of senior living before choosing a post-secondary program. Parents considering a career move were also able to learn more about the growing need for professionals in the senior housing and care field.

The LCS Foundation’s emergency relief fund restored the lives of LCS employees facing an emergency or crisis beyond their control. In 2020, a total of 47 employees were helped in circumstances related to their health, natural or home disasters. Twenty-one of these employees experienced a crisis related to COVID-19.

Find more details about the strength of the LCS Foundation and the difference the organization is making to others in the 2020 LCS Foundation Annual Report.

What 2020 taught the world.

  • Human connections cannot be diminished.
  • People must adapt and prepare for the future.
  • Access to the internet is critical for communicating.
  • Take-out and delivery service for restaurants will continue.