Extending our mission of service to others.

“The LCS Foundation has been a dream for many of us at LCS for a number of years and was established to give back to this rewarding profession and the seniors we serve, both today and future generations.” Ed Kenny, Board President

With this in mind, the LCS Foundation was created to focus on these areas:

  • Work toward Alzheimer’s first survivor
  • Recognize the importance of developing future leaders of the senior housing and care profession
  • Support our dedicated and compassionate colleagues when encountering an emergency or crisis situation beyond their control
  • Continue the mission of the LCS Foundation by maintaining a strong governance structure and fundraising support

The purpose of the not-for-profit LCS Foundation is to further the efforts of our four core areas of focus through charitable contributions. The LCS Foundation is managed by an 11-member board of directors; each is connected to the field of senior living and has a deep passion for serving seniors.

“Thank you for the development of a much-needed resource for financial relief for personnel and their families during emergency or crisis situations. I am so proud to work for an organization with such values and stewardship to senior living and the people who serve seniors.”

Elizabeth Ann Fetner
Executive Director of Trillium Woods

The LCS Foundation is supported by people who recognize the good in our purpose, and who want to help further our causes through a financial contribution. Every person who contributes to the LCS Foundation is working with us to celebrate the first Alzheimer’s survivor, to assist our employees in a time of need, and to inspire the next generation of our workforce. To learn more about the LCS Foundation, view our digital brochure.

And every contribution is an opportunity to advance the field of senior living in a meaningful way. To learn more about our giving opportunities, contact an LCS Foundation board member, or email us at donate@lcsfoundationLCS.org.

News and Updates

The Health Services Leadership (HSL) program at Simpson College received a generous gift of $15,000 per year for five years from the LCS Foundation. This grant provides scholarships, internships and professional development.

The LCS Foundation is the philanthropy arm of LCS, a leader in the field of senior living, which has been integral in launching and supporting the HSL program at Simpson. Click here to read the full story.