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Since 1971, LCS and the LCS Family of Companies have been building a reputation for excellence in the field of senior living. The company is recognized by its name, logo, and other elements of its branding.

These content and graphic guidelines were developed to protect the LCS brands, and are to be followed by anyone using the brand in media, printed materials, or other forms of communication. LCS, Life Care Services, LCS Development, and CPS are registered trademarks. Please refer to the brand standards guide before using these images.

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The following section contains answers to some of the most common questions about taglines, company descriptions, preferred terms and brand standards for LCS and the LCS Family of Companies.

LCS is the parent brand. Life Care Services, LCS Development, CPS, and LCS Real Estate are sub-brands and business lines of LCS. LCS does not use a tagline. On first reference, sub-brands should include its tagline. Please note, the word “An” is capitalized. Example: LCS Development®, An LCS® Company.

  • Brand name: LCS®
  • Brand name: Life Care Services®
    Tagline: An LCS® Company
  • Brand name: LCS Development®
    Tagline: An LCS® Company
  • Brand name: LCS Real Estate
    Tagline: An LCS® Company
  • Brand name: CPS®
    Tagline: An LCS® Company
  • Additional copy taglines:
    The LCS® Family of Companies
    Managed by Life Care Services®
  • Referencing multiple brands with tag lines: Example: Life Care Services® and LCS Development®, LCS Companies

Use Guidelines

  • Trademark symbols are to be used in first reference. First reference is considered to be in the copy of the document rather than in the headline.
  • If a logo is on the page and the logo contains a trademark symbol, this counts as the first reference.
  • Trademark symbols are not to be used in advertising headlines, news release headlines, or website navigations.
  • On first reference, the individual business lines must be followed by their respective taglines.
  • LCS and its business lines are not italicized.
  • LCS is not to be used interchangeably with Life Care Services. LCS is the parent company; Life Care Services is the community management company and a business line of LCS.
  • Avoid using the LCS name in a plural or possessive form.
  • The reference to brand names is passive when describing a community’s relationship to the parent company and its business lines (sub-brands).
    Example: “Timber Ridge at Talus is managed by Life Care Services®, An LCS® Company.”
  • Brand names are not to be used as adjectives.
    Example: “…a community managed by Life Care Services…” not “…a Life Care Services-managed community…”

First determine the number of colors that you will need for your application. Anything digital/online should use the 4-color version of the logo. Other versions of the logos have been provided for use when 4-color process printing is not an option.

Next, check with your printer or designer on what file format they would prefer. Here is a quick guideline on when you may need to use each file format.  If you have questions or are unsure, feel free to call Jeri Uhlmansiek (contact information is above).

  • EPS– An EPS file is vector artwork that can be enlarged to print at any size. This file will be preferred by most printers, and graphic designers also like to work with EPS files. Note, this file format can only be opened with design software. Most PCs will not be able to open this file.
  • JPEG– A jpeg file is a typical file used by many business professionals. The CMYK jpeg should be used in printed materials while the RGB jpeg should be used on digital/online materials.
  • PNG– The png file should primarily be used in online situations. All png files have transparent backgrounds.

These descriptions have been created for use at the end of a news release. If more than one LCS business line is distributing the release, add the profile for LCS and the business line profile. Communities issuing releases and referencing management services should use the Life Care Services profile in addition to their community profile. Do not add any additional forming to the text.

About LCS
As a pioneer in the senior living industry since 1971, making a difference in the lives of seniors has been our sole focus since day one. The dedicated LCS Family of Companies is designed to help fulfill your community’s mission. This structure allows us to develop and share expertise across our company to deliver innovative solutions to partners, seniors and their communities. LCS has the experience, leadership, and integrity to meet the unique needs of your community. When you partner with LCS, you receive more than just a single perspective; you get the experience of six senior-focused companies working together as one. In the field of senior living, Experience is Everything.  For more information, visit

About Life Care Services (Can be used through August 30, 2021)
Life Care Services, An LCS Company, has the experience required to boost community financial performance, increase occupancy, and develop new lifestyle and health initiatives to meet consumer expectations and help communities thrive. Ranked highest in customer satisfaction with independent senior living communities for two years in a row in the J.D. Power 2020 Senior Living Satisfaction study, Life Care Services is the nation’s second-largest operator of senior living communities and has expertise in the management of both Life Plan and rental communities. From independent living to assisted living, skilled nursing to memory care, at Life Care Services, Experience Is Everything. For more information, visit

About LCS Development
LCS Development, An LCS Company, is a full-service third-party developer of Life Plan and rental communities solely dedicated to designing and developing senior living communities since 1971. It has experience in helping owners and sponsors develop highly complex projects in markets throughout the United States. Utilizing four decades of in-house expertise and single-source precision ranging from master planning and design to construction management, sales, finance and more, LCS Development has helped develop more than $2.6 billion worth of projects in the last 10 years. At LCS Development, Experience Is Everything. For more information, visit

About LCS Real Estate
LCS Real Estate, An LCS Company, is a full-service real estate private equity enterprise that works with the LCS Family of Companies to create a collaborative platform unique in senior living. LCS Real Estate has the deep understanding and experience needed to handle investments, debt placement, and asset and performance management. With a proven track record, and more than $2.5 billion in assets under management, LCS Real Estate has a wealth of experience and connectivity to capital relationships that help connect investor partners with opportunities and source deal flow. In the field of senior living, Experience Is Everything. For more information visit

About CPS
CPS, An LCS Company, is a national purchasing consulting organization specializing in connecting communities in the field of senior living to over 250 well-respected suppliers in the field of senior living. CPS provides dedicated and experienced customer service resulting in cost savings in operations, food service, medical supplies, therapy, pharmacy, and more for its clients. For more information, visit

LCS Foundation
The LCS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization created to develop future leaders of the senior housing and care profession, support Alzheimer’s care and research initiatives, and provide financial relief for personnel during crisis situations. Established by leaders from the LCS Family of Companies, the LCS Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors who are connected to the field of senior living and have a deep passion for serving seniors. At LCS Foundation, Experience Is Everything. Learn more on the LCS Foundation webpage.

Updated February 1, 2021

These facts about Life Care Services, the management company of LCS, may be used in news stories regarding the company.

  • Life Care Services is the nation’s leading manager of senior living communities and currently provides operations, marketing and sales management services for not-for-profit and for-profit communities.
  • Life Care Services manages the largest number of not-for-profit communities nationwide.
  • Life Care Services serves nearly 35,000 residents in 31 states.
  • Life Care Services is the second largest senior living manager in the nation.

Updated September 17, 2018

LCS Branded Programs and Services

Customers and partners look to the LCS Family of Companies to provide solutions that help them navigate and thrive in a complex, ever-changing environment. The following program and services are unique to LCS and Life Care Services. Only use the program name if it is fully operational in the community. Note: Some programs require italics with the trademark symbol.

C3 Information Odyssey™ – A secure social media network for seniors. The system is a web-based portal for staff, residents, and their families to read community announcements and other community-related documents. The system provides communities with a solution to meet the evolving needs and expectations of the residents, and an efficient way to communicate with residents in a timely manner.

ContinuingCare – Lifelong access to skilled nursing, memory care and short-term skilled care at a discount.

Extraordinary Impressions® – A proprietary program that helps the LCS Family of Companies and communities managed by Life Care Services better serve seniors, retain good employees, and minimize costly turnover. Based on the first LCS principle, We Serve the Customer First and Foremost, this hospitality program ensures employees deliver a distinctive service to seniors and to each other.

HeartfeltCONNECTIONS – A  Memory Care Program® – A comprehensive program for those providing care to seniors with memory impairment.

LCS Advantage – An insurance service providing tailored, proprietary property and casualty insurance for senior living communities; made available to communities managed by Life Care Services. LCS Advantage offers property and general and medical professional liability insurance, auto, workers compensation, crime and umbrella liability insurance through the AIG and Zurich insurance group.

LCS Envision™ – A proprietary, systematic process of evaluation, discussion, and collaboration that helps owners or boards, and executive directors manage the future of their senior living community.

LCS Insight™ – A proprietary, web-based system for communities managed by Life Care Services, which converts raw data into illustrative leadership dashboards so leadership can quickly assess the operational health of the community.

LCS Lifestyle and Health Services Program – A wellness program to nurture psychological, physical and social wellbeing to support vibrant, engaging lifestyles for residents.

LCS Reliance, LLC – A health care billing service designed to assist communities managed by Life Care Services with interim billing and collection support. The service provides temporary assistance to accounting departments for vacant billing positions. LCS Reliance also provides educational training for Medicare insurance and gives support for accounts receivable aging to mitigate risk associated with write-offs due to untimely billing.

LCS University® – A robust training and development program that ensures LCS has the finest personnel to fill key positions.

LifeCare® – A full continuum of quality, long-term health services, within the comfort of a familiar setting at a significant saving when compared to other types of senior communities or health care options.

One You. One LCS – A talent brand, focused on employee development, growth, benefits, and education.

Return-of-Capital® Plan – A plan that repays a percentage of a resident’s initial entrance fee to the residents or their estate.



LCS and the LCS Family of Companies strive to represent the field of senior living with dignity and respect. We encourage using these terms when writing about senior living communities, their residents, their care, and their lifestyles.

“the field of senior living” (not “the senior living industry”)

“the residents” (not “our residents”)

“seniors,” “older adults,” or “retirees” (not “the elderly”)

“community” (not “facility”)

“home” or “residence” (not “unit”)

“senior living community”

“assisted living”

“independent living”

“skilled nursing”

“memory care”

“Life Plan Community” (not “Continuing Care Retirement Community” or “CCRC”)

All communication from or about LCS and its companies follows AP Stylebook ( and the spelling and definitions of Merriam-Webster ( Preferences and/or exceptions are listed below.

Preference and Exceptions


  • Spell out on first reference followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. Do not use periods with acronyms or abbreviations.

Bullet points

  • Write in parallel construction. Start each point with the same part of speech.
  • If each bullet point is a complete sentence, punctuate each with a period.
  • Do not separate bullet points with commas or semicolons, and do not use a conjunction before the last bullet point.


Refer to AP Stylebook. Also see “Titles” for guidelines about capitalizing business and media titles.

Geographical references

The names of the 50 U.S. states should be spelled out when used in the body of a story, whether standing alone or in conjunction with a city, town, village or military base.

health care

Spell as two words.


  • Spell out numbers of nine or less in text. Use numerals for ten and greater.
  • Use numbers for percentages, measurements, ages, and prices.

Percent sign

  • Spell out percent in running text.
  • Use the percentage sign (%) in charts, tabular material, or in limited spaces.


  • Use present tense for verbs (e.g., “says” not “said”).


  • Gender – Use gender-neutral terms and sentence structure.
  • Race and Ethnicity – Only identify race or ethnicity if it is a significant or historic detail. If used, the words “white” and “black” aren’t capitalized when referring to ethnicity. If used, the term for an American of a particular descent is hyphenated (e.g., Irish-American).
  • Disabilities – Describe the person apart from the disability to remove stigma. Example: “She has a memory impairment,” not “She is memory-impaired.”

Series comma

  • Use the series comma. Place a comma before a conjunction in a series of three or more terms. Example: “LCS hires talented, dedicated, and resourceful professionals.


  • Accepted format: 8 a.m., 10:30 p.m.
  • Use “noon” and “midnight” instead of 12 p.m. and 12 a.m.


Business titles

  • Titles are lowercase when followed by a name. Example: “Ed Kenny, chairman and CEO of LCS ….”
  • Titles are uppercase when preceded by a name. “LCS Chairman and CEO, Ed Kenny ….”
  • Abbreviated titles are uppercase.
    Example: CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CHRO