Attract and retain high-valued residents.

Our experienced senior living marketing and sales professionals provide innovative support and resources to consistently grow occupancy and retain high-valued customers. Our revenue-generating programs aim to attract customers, develop effective and consistent branding and focus on sound strategies to remain competitive in your marketplace. When you partner with Life Care Services, An LCS Company, you work toward your goals with seasoned professionals at your side. 

Our team centers on these key factors to create senior living marketing solutions to help your community stimulate sales, grow occupancy and increase your return on investment.

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SalesFIRST Logo

SalesFIRST is a fresh approach enabling Life Care Services and the communities we serve to exceed client expectations and serve more seniors. We believe it is our duty to motivate and inspire seniors to move to our communities. 

ExSell with LCS

Our behavior-based sales training program, ExSell with LCS®, emphasizes atypical communication behaviors and trust-building strategies to serve the customer, first and foremost.  

Fundamental Support  

Life Care Services works with your community to identify marketing strategies to generate leads and provide resources and coaching to sales teams — effectively converting leads to residents.  

Core services include:  

  • Marketing strategy – traditional and digital 
  • Marketing planning  
  • Agency partnerships 
  • ExSell with LCS sales training 
  • Client relationship management  
  • Outreach and referral development  
  • Buyer retention 

Innovative Tools 

Life Care Services utilizes a diverse suite of robust systems and technology tools to aid the marketing and sales efforts at the communities we serve. Yet, we believe one of our most effective forms of outreach is satisfied residents willing to refer their friends and family to communities managed by Life Care Services. We measure resident satisfaction every two years. The attention we pay to serve the needs of residents first and foremost is one of the reasons an impressive number of residents would recommend their community to a friend.