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Decades of financial security and know-how. 

We keep communities profitable by alerting owners and sponsors of financial and operating results with our time-tested senior living financial planning systems and tools. Our trusted team is trained to provide data analysis, budgeting, forecasting, accounting and reporting through our network of pioneering technology systems.

With over five decades of management expertise, we’ve compiled one of the largest databases of operating statistics in the field of senior living services. In addition to all the great management tools you get from your relationship with Life Care Services, An LCS Company, you also have access to our Insight Dashboard™. The dashboard provides trends of statistics for a consistent calculation of important financial, operating and key marketing performance indicators. Read about the metrics that matter most in driving successful financial performance at senior living communities.

You can create a sound financial plan to ensure long term viability for your senior living community by leveraging our tools and expertise. Plus, our dedicated staff of finance professionals is here to partner with your community’s team to optimize your process while identifying insights to maximize the performance of your community. 

Our years of experience help senior living communities achieve success. We operate Life Plan and Rental Communities, supporting a continuum of care — independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing. Lean on our experience to bring new opportunities to your senior living community.