Always Looking Forward

As an industry pioneer with 50 years of experience, making a difference in the lives of seniors has been our sole focus since day one. At LCS, we’ve created a dedicated family of companies designed to help fulfill your community’s mission. This structure allows us to develop and share expertise across our company to deliver innovative solutions to partners, seniors and their communities.

LCS has the experience, leadership and integrity to meet the unique needs of your community. When you partner with LCS, you receive more than just a single perspective; you get the experience of six senior-focused companies working together as one.

The LCS Story
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Our 5 principles:
    1. We serve the customer, first and foremost.
    2. We deal honestly and fairly, with integrity and openness.
    3. We maintain a long-term perspective.
    4. We are diligent and persevering.
    5. We are interconnected and interdependent.
The LCS Story
Experience Is Everything, Seniors
The LCS Story
Joel Nelson, LCS President and CEO, discusses the aspects of senior living and the trusted experience of the LCS Family of Companies.