Working together to better serve seniors.

You don’t succeed in senior living if you just satisfy your residents. You need to delight them. To ensure we always remember how to best serve seniors, we developed five principles that we still follow today. But you won’t just see them written on the wall. You’ll also see them in the things we do every day.

Our 5 principles:
    1. We serve the customer, first and foremost.
    2. We deal honestly and fairly, with integrity and openness.
    3. We maintain a long-term perspective.
    4. We are diligent and persevering.
    5. We are interconnected and interdependent.
The LCS Story
Learn how our philosophy and culture of partnership has led to our over 40 years of success and how together, we truly are greater.

By sticking to our principles, we’ve had some amazing results. Nearly 90% of Life Care Services-managed health centers have a 4- or 5-star rating. Only 10% of all providers in an entire state can receive a 5-star rating. And 95% percent of residents would recommend their community to a friend or relative.

The LCS Story
Ed Kenny, LCS Chairman, talks about how our 5 principles and senior-centric focus serve as a touchstone for everything we do.