• Set Principles and Culture

    LCS has a set of principles and culture that are not simply statements on a wall. They are embodied by each employee. LCS has a great support system, excellent pay and benefits, and the people truly care about their job and coworkers.
    – Operations Employee
  • LCS Cares About Employees

    LCS cares about their employees and encourages growth in career and personal life.
    – Corporate Services & Purchasing Employee
  • Great Organization

    Great Organization making a real difference in the lives of the seniors we serve. Professional and personable work environment.
    – Operations Employee
  • Making a Difference

    Knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of seniors and those that love them is very rewarding!
    – Employee
  • Family Mentality

    It truly is a team or family mentality- everyone wants us to succeed as individuals and a community. I am appreciated, encouraged, and equipped to do my very best work possible. The leadership and teammates truly care about each other.
    – Employee
  • I Feel Valued

    I work in a place where I feel valued for my strengths and coached through my deficiencies. The work that I do is challenging and rewarding. Most companies would likely not have given me this opportunity because I don't have the same traditional background of others in my role.
    – Employee
  • It's a Great Fit

    I not only enjoy what I do, it's a great fit; but I feel cared for at this employer...more like family.
    – Employee
  • Variety in My Work

    I love the variety in my work and the different people I interact with. I love my manager and have enormous respect for her and all she does.
    – Employee
  • Contributions Are Noticed

    I feel like my contributions are noticed, respected, and appreciated. Everyone wants to do their part to make the whole better.
    – Employee