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Working Together to Better Serve Seniors

The growth and success of LCS is nurtured by the strength of our communities. Approximately 90% of our health centers are 4 or 5-star rated and 35 communities are currently 100% sold. In addition, 95% of our residents would recommend their community to a friend or relative. We are privileged to work with the following communities who share our dedication, focus, and passion to better serve seniors and their families:

LCS Development has been designing and developing senior living communities for 47 years. In addition to our work with Life Care Services communities, LCS Development is fully committed to providing third-party services to communities that are not managed by Life Care Services. We have more than $3.6 billion in development and repositioning work in the pipeline and are pleased to work with the following communities:

To learn how the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts, contact us for more information.