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What to Look for In a Senior Living Management Partner

Mar 27, 2023
As the senior living industry continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly important for senior living communities to partner with a full-service management company to help navigate the complex challenges and opportunities of this dynamic market. From providing high-quality services to residents to staying ahead of industry trends and regulations, choosing the right management partner is crucial for the success and sustainability of your senior living community.
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A management company will be supportive through transparency, experience, flexibility, and a future-forward vision.

This article will explore these features and other considerations for selecting a senior living property management partner. 

Industry Trends in the Senior Living Market

With an ever-changing industry such as the senior living market, it's important to touch on recent trends. A full-service management company can help identify opportunities and challenges your unique community should consider.

The first trend is migrating away from freestanding senior living communities and enlisting a third-party manager with a depth of resources, expertise and experience. Third-party management companies like Life Care Services®, An LCS Company, bring a wealth of knowledge in many areas, such as operations, marketing, finance, and more.

In addition, a third-party management company will be able to pass along greater cost savings and access to capital. A third-party manager can provide communities with greater flexibility and scalability, allowing them to adapt to changing market conditions, demographic trends, and staffing issues.

Lastly, communities strive to deliver unique experiences, high-quality services and care, and resident-centric amenities. LCS puts quality of care and resident satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do, passing along these benefits to your residents and community members.

Commitment to Transparency and Communication

One of the most important aspects of any successful business relationship is open and honest communication. This is especially true in the senior living industry, where residents and families rely on the management team to provide the highest level of care and support. When choosing a community management partner, look for a company that has a strong commitment to transparency and open communication.

This means regular updates, reporting on the financial and operational performance of the community, and open and honest communication about any challenges or concerns that may arise. A good management partner should also be responsive to the needs and concerns of residents and families.

Can Handle the Complex Needs of the Senior Living Industry

The senior living industry is complex and requires specialized knowledge and experience to navigate effectively. Here are some of the key issues and challenges faced by senior living communities:

  • Regulations: The senior living industry is heavily regulated, and it is essential to stay compliant with all relevant regulations and standards. This can include compliance with health and safety regulations, as well as local, state, and federal regulations related to senior living. 
  • Medicare: Medicare is a critical source of funding for many communities supporting health centers, and it is important to have a deep understanding of the Medicare system and how it affects your community. This can include knowledge of reimbursement rates, eligibility requirements, and coverage restrictions.
  • Payroll: Payroll is a complex and time-consuming task for any organization, and it can be especially challenging for senior living communities with a large number of staff and a diverse range of pay rates and benefits.
  • Finance: Financial management is critical to the success of any senior living community, and it is essential to have a deep understanding of financial concepts, tools, and processes. This can include budgeting, financial reporting, and fundraising.
  • Human Resources: Recruiting and retaining qualified staff is a major challenge in the senior living industry. It is essential to have a strong HR strategy in place, one that fosters an inclusive, collaborative and service oriented culture. The senior living industry is hospitality based and supporting a culture based in service to others in vitally important. Additionally, a sound HR strategy would include recruiting and training programs, employee benefits, and effective communication and engagement strategies.

The best third-party management partner should have a team of experienced professionals who are equipped to provide the necessary support and guidance listed above to help ensure your community remains compliant and successful.

Delivers Full-Service Solutions

A full-service senior living management partner offers services with a wholistic approach to help senior living communities operate more efficiently and effectively. This type of partner typically provides comprehensive services that include financial management, regulatory compliance, human resources, and marketing and sales.

In contrast, a limited-service senior living management partner provides a more focused range of services and may specialize in specific areas such as financial management, marketing, sales, or human resources. This partner may also provide specialized services such as development and construction, technical support, or regulatory compliance.

The key difference between full-service and limited-service senior living management partners is the scope and breadth of services offered. Full-service partners offer a wide range of services that can help senior living communities address a broad range of operational and strategic challenges, while limited-service partners may specialize in specific areas and provide more focused support.

When choosing a senior living management partner, it is important to assess the specific requirements and challenges faced by your community and determine the type of collaboration that will best meet your needs.

Full-ServiceLimited/Outsourcing Service
With you from start to finish
Short term relationships
Excellent customer service
Poor customer service
Deep knowledge of the industry
May not know the industry well 
Customer Centric
Internal focus
Group Purchasing OrganizationPurchasing Co-op or Buying Group
Quality assurance
Quality control
Invested in your success
Restricted assistance

Has a Strategic Vision for the Future

The senior living industry is rapidly evolving, and choosing a managing partner with a clear vision for the future will help your community stay ahead of the curve.

Strategic planning focuses on several areas, but a sound plan ultimately contributes to an enhanced customer-centric experience. Look for these key concepts:

  • Future-Oriented: Strategic planning helps senior living communities look beyond the present and identify the opportunities and challenges. This allows them to make informed decisions and take proactive steps to prepare for the future.
  • Aligns Resources: Strategic planning can help senior living communities to align their resources and efforts to achieve their goals. This includes aligning financial, human, and technological resources to ensure that the community is well-positioned to meet the needs of its residents.
  • Improves Operations: A well-designed strategic plan can help senior living communities identify areas where they can improve their operations and effectively use their resources. This can result in improved quality of care and enhanced satisfaction among residents and their families.
  • Supports Collaboration: Strategic planning can also help to foster collaboration among the various stakeholders in a senior living community. This includes residents, families, staff, and management, as well as outside partners and community organizations
  • Enhances Market Position: Strategic planning can also help senior living communities to enhance their market position and stay ahead of the competition. By creating a clear plan for the future and investing in the right areas, communities can differentiate themselves and attract new residents.

Strategic planning is an essential component of success for senior living communities. By creating a clear plan for the future and aligning resources to achieve their goals, communities can ensure that they are well-positioned to meet the needs of their residents and succeed in an ever-changing industry.

Deep Understanding of the Senior Living Industry

Finally, it's important to choose a management partner who listens deeply and understands the senior living industry and the unique challenges and opportunities that come with operating a community.

A senior living property management company should be seen as an advocate of the senior living community and its residents. Communities will benefit from a trusted voice to increase brand awareness and visibility, reach a wider audience, and serve the residents with the best care, services, and amenities that residents demand. 

Look for a company that has a wealth of experience in senior living and has a strong knowledge of the key trends and drivers affecting the industry, Including these areas:

A good management partner should also have a proven track record of success in managing communities and should be able to provide the necessary expertise and support to help your community achieve its goals and deliver exceptional experiences to your residents.

A Partnership for Today and Tomorrow

A senior living management partnership can be a valuable asset for communities looking to meet the needs of their residents, achieve growth goals, increase visibility, and support their entry into new markets. With a commitment to transparency, full-service solutions, and over 50 years of experience in the senior living industry, LCS as a partner, can help your community navigate the complexities of the industry and deliver high-quality care to residents.

Contact us today to learn more about our award-winning senior living experiences and how we can help you take the right steps to support growth and success of your senior living community.  

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