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Wyndemere Redevelopment Adds Independent Living and Amenities

Mar 8, 2021
Enhancements boost competitiveness and meet market needs The Community Wyndemere is a Life Plan Community in the Chicagoland suburb of Wheaton. The community opened in 1993 and has been managed by Life Care Services since 2010.
An outside setting at dusk of a large lit-up four-story building, Wyndemere, on grounds with paths and green spaces.

Enhancements boost competitiveness and meet market needs

The Community

Wyndemere is a Life Plan Community in the Chicagoland suburb of Wheaton. The community opened in 1993 and has been managed by Life Care Services since 2010. During the past decade, LCS Development and Life Care Services partnered to execute and maintain master planning, market analysis, design, financing and construction activities at Wyndemere. As part of the ongoing partnership with LCS Development, Wyndemere completed a large-scale redevelopment adding independent living and amenities to boost its relevance in a competitive marketplace.


Wyndemere’s redevelopment allows the community to continue to offer a best-in-class continuum of care for residents while remaining vibrant and competitive. This is done by providing seniors opportunities to stay active, socialize and enjoy the community. The addition also pays homage to the history and culture of Chicago with its design and architecture.

Details and Features

On the heels of a previous, the expansion merges existing amenities to complete the community’s long-term wellness program and create a bridge between new and existing buildings. The addition includes:

  • An expansive two-story pool
  • Multipurpose and conference rooms
  • Large lounge/bar/dining venue that includes an outdoor balcony
  • Three-story independent living building

The new spaces blend seamlessly with existing residences as if they had always been part of the community’s distinct personality. Residents experience views that feature new landscaping, gazebos and active community spaces. The additional amenities allow residents to gather and socialize in multiple locations and enjoy an outdoor area.

The independent living project complements the continuum of care at Wyndemere, which in turn supports the surrounding community and health care facilities. The walkable community is steps away from transportation, retail and restaurants. It’s just minutes from downtown Wheaton, Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital and DuPage County and Government Campus. Convenience and access are top of mind at Wyndemere.

Unique Design

Within the suite of amenities is a new cocktail lounge, The Wright Place. Sitting atop the natatorium, the lounge is inspired by its namesake, Frank Lloyd Wright; the interior architecture has his distinct style. The Wright Place functions as a staging area for the dining venue. The rooftop terrace allows residents to socialize and enjoy views of the surrounding villas and picturesque tree canopy of Wheaton.

The natatorium and locker rooms are the final components of the wellness program that features group fitness programs. The pool is lofty and spacious, almost cathedral-like, with wooden arches spanning the water. Tall windows accentuate the openness of the space, which overlooks the southern courtyard. Intentionally located facing south, the expansive glass walls provide warmth and maximize natural light in the winter. The UV coating provides a comfortable environment for residents while offering protection from the sun’s effects.

Multipurpose rooms round out the new amenities. This suite of spaces is easily dividable to accommodate different activities and audiences. To take full advantage of the rolling site, the plan includes an underground parking structure. This also allows multi-terraced penthouses at the end of each wing of the independent living units.

The LCS Development Difference

It’s important to maintain design continuity between new construction and existing features and Wyndemere is such an example. The expertise of LCS Development design and construction management teams make projects like this feasible. The team’s know-how drives collaborative efforts between designers and architects — fusing senior living trends with elegant design. By blending master planning and market analysis with creative and progressive architecture, Wyndemere can remain vibrant and competitive. The end result? Providing seniors with opportunities to stay active, socialize and enjoy the community to its fullest.

The development was a nominee in the 2020 Architecture & Design Awards sponsored by Senior Housing News.

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