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Staffing Challenges in Senior Living are an Area of Focus

National leaders provide solutions for workforce growth

As we watch the news headlines, we understand the future of the aging population and what it means to 73 million boomers. As baby boomers age and people remain active later in life, there will be an increased demand for aging services.

A core focus of the LCS Foundation is recognizing the importance of developing future leaders of the senior housing and care profession. This challenge is being addressed by the Foundation and other partners across the U.S.

The biggest challenge 

Recruiting and retaining quality employees is a huge challenge facing the senior living industry. Argentum, the nation’s leading association in senior living, estimates the senior living industry needs to fill 1.4 million positions by 2025.

The Argentum initiative, Senior Living Works, focuses on recruitment of 1.2 million new professionals to meet current and future workforce needs of senior living communities, and support retention of the existing workforce.

A proactive approach  

VISION 2025, a national campaign supported by a collaboration of stakeholders, focuses on training leaders for senior housing and care positions. It will:

  • Create 25 robust university and college programs, and 1,000 paid internships with senior housing, care, and service providers, associations, and industry partners.
  • Grow partnerships to expand educational opportunities and create urgency around the workforce development challenge facing the aging services sector.

The role of LCS and the LCS Foundation 

LCS and the LCS Foundation both play a significant part in addressing the needs of an aging population and the future workforce. LCS has provided support to VISION 2025 for the next two years.

The Ed and Sue Kenny Scholarship, coordinated by the LCS Foundation, promotes the education and professional development of undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a degree in the field of senior lifestyle services. In addition, the LCS Foundation also provides scholarships at key partner universities to continue to encourage the selection of senior living and health care administration as an educational focus and career choice.

With the known demand in the field of senior living, there are resources available. Learn more at LCS Foundation.