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May 5, 2021

Welcome back!

Responding to the pandemic has been challenging and we want to thank residents, employees and family members for your support. With your help and commitment to the precautionary measures put in place, we are able to continue the reopening process at communities managed by LCS.

In the past weeks, many actions have taken place to help communities resume pre-pandemic operations. These include:

Reopening communities

As noted at the beginning of the pandemic, LCS has moved slowly and deliberately to ensure the health and safety of residents and employees. With a thorough and step-by-step process in place, the majority of communities managed by LCS are in the third phase of the three-phase reopening process. This means that with the appropriate precautions in place, family members and visitors are allowed inside the community.

Vaccination clinics

When the approved vaccines were announced in February, on-site clinics were quickly scheduled at all senior living communities managed by LCS. As of May 1, 2021, all communities, and all levels of care, have completed successful vaccine clinics.

On-site vaccinations

In addition to completing vaccination clinics, communities can now provide vaccines on-site. Much like on-site flu vaccines provided annually, residents moving into a community and new employees beginning their employment can be vaccinated upon their arrival. Vaccines are also available to residents and employees who may have previously missed the opportunity.

Testing available

As needed, testing for COVID-19 is available at each senior living communities. Community leaders continue to monitor the situation, as testing criteria varies by state and region.

Personal protective equipment

Adequate supplies of personal protective equipment and other necessary items to ensure resident and employee safety are available at each community. In fact, as a result of the pandemic, communities have established a new inventory level to ensure adequate supplies are available at all times.

Responding to the pandemic has been a marathon, not a sprint. We’ll continue to follow the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and local and state public health officials to ensure the health and safety of residents, family members and employees.

In the months and years to come, LCS will continue to ensure resident health and well-being with EverSafe 360°. This program provides additional health, safety and security to residents and associates. By utilizing science-based practices, LCS is able to keep everyone as safe as possible so they can enjoy their “best life” experience at an LCS community.

We are grateful for your continued support.

As federal and state governments release plans to reopen the economy to essential business, please know the LCS approach to reopen senior living communities will be slow and deliberate. We’ll continue to follow the heightened precautionary measures currently in place including social distancing, restricting non-essential visitors and wearing masks.

Please call the LCS hotline at 855-998-4934 for information on our response measures.

Members of the media can email their inquiries for LCS to Information requests to a senior living community can be made by contacting the community directly.

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